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Pulley Lagging

One of the most impotant factors in determining the performance of a conveyor belt on a drive is the coefficient of friction may cause slippage of the belt on the drive and lead to more wear of the belt and tracking problems.

TMH supplies industry leading pulley's, fabricated using the relevant specification of piping for the conveyor system function.

The right pulley shell absorbs more load and stress and protects the belt against abrasive wear, reducing maintainence cost.

Having the correct pulley and its associated lagging maintains the superior belt tracking capabilities. TMH recommends and supplies the market leading rubber and ceramic pulley lagging Flexco®  products. 

TMH can supply a select range of pulley lagging offering high performance and longer life.


Ceramic Tile LaggingCeramic Lagging

Used for the most demanding applications under severe conditions. Lagging can be providied to suit your conveyor system.




Diamond Pattern LaggingDiamond Lagging

Based on the treads used for rain tyres. It deflects water into lateral or diamond shaped grooves, away from pulleys.




 Plain Pattern Lagging

Plain Pattern Lagging.

Used for consistantly dirty applications to prevent build up and shed excess material.





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