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Idlers & Rollers

TMH offer the total conveyor solution, supplying the Frames, Rollers and the complete set (known as Idlers).

Frames are designed and manufactured to clients’ specifications and purpose.  When considering the frame,  the dimensions of the rollers that are going to house is of the upmost importancIdlers and rollerse.

TMH can draw on a wealth of industry knowledge and can guide and supply a custom solution to the clients requirements, based on the material handling application, functional design and quality.

 Rollers are placed in the frames, completing the “Idler Set”.  The rollers just as the frame are specific to the function and the material handling application.   

The roller shells are fabricated with a range of materials again specific to their function.  All TMH rollers are finished with precision bearings and high tolerance shafts.

As Frames, Rollers and Idler Sets are specific to individual requirements TMH has not listed its full range of products.  Phone our specialist Sales consultant for a tailored service.



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