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Diagonal Plough

TMH supply FLEXCO® Diagonal Plough, the plough cleans in front of the belt pulley.  The Plough is installed on a 45̊ angle across the belt, keeping at bay all types of debris that could cause damage to the belt, mechanical splice, lagging or pulley.

Diagonal plough



The blade is fixed in a position eliminating any bouncing or vibration that may be experienced with floating style ploughs.

The blades incorporate an innovative 20̊ angle on the leading edge to spiral rogue material quickly from the belt.  Made from UHMW polyurethane for long life and less wear on the belt, they offer an economic clearing solution.

The Diagonal Plough is easy to assemble and can be placed exactly in the position required on the conveyor.  TMH supplies all the different FLEXCO® mounting plates so the plough will fit virtually any conveyor.










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