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PT MAX™ Belt Trainers

Unlike conventional belt trainers TMH supply FLEXCO® PT MAX™ that through its patented pivot and tilt design reacts and compensates instantly to belt misalignment and reduces belt edge damage.  The PT MAX™ provides a continuous solution to mistracking belts through a superPT MAXior training action keeping the most troublesome of belts inline and on the job.

The PT MAX™ works by its pivot and tilt design and through sensor rollers.  The rollers are set to detect belt wander typically less than 25mm.  Over this measurement and the twin sensor rollers engage the belt edge causing the top frame to begin a pivot action. 

The pivot action cleverly alters the tension in the belts, which causes the belt to centre itself.

The PT MAX™ works on the top side or return side of the belt, maintains performance equally well in wet as in dry conditions.  The PT MAX™ is custom built for each conveyor.










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