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Rockline® EZP1

Rockline® EZP1 is a premium solid blade belt cleaner that mounts on the head pulley.  It has a unique uni-blade design.  The Rockline® EZP1 blade incorporates the faceted profile of the ConShear™ Blade, which renews as it wears, due to its engineered width designed to span just the material path.Rockline EZP-LS

Other features that make the Rockline® EZP1 a premium scraper is its ease in which it can be installed, by utilizing universal mounting plates which can be mounted to a chute wall or to an angle extension on an open head conveyor.  Other features of the Rockline® EZP1 is its simple maintenance and ease in replacing a belt when the time comes.  

New to the Rockline® is the EZP-LS (limited space) scraper, ideal for you needs if using a portable or have tight space configurations to your conveyor.  The EZP-LS fits on conveyors as small as 150mm (6 inches) The EZP-LS may be small though has excellent cleaning properties using the ConShear™ blade.











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