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Mineline® MMP

Mineline® MMP medium duty is the scraper you want when a heavy duty cleaner is overkill and a standard duty cleaner is not up to the task.

The MMP is simple to install though built tough, featuring a heavy duty pole, a larger powerful blade, and dual tension system that is easy to check.

The MMP uses a 10inch Tuffshear™ blade, which is larger than the Conshear™ though has the same patented design.  The larger blade allows for optimum blade tip tension, meaning it can peel materials off the belt at high speed and high load conveyor application.

The maintenance, service and installation as like other FLEXCO® product, is simple and made easy for the end user.

Part of the Mineline® product line is the MHCP.  The MHCP is built for heavy duty cleaning using a SuperShear™ blade engineered to stand up to extreme beltline conditions.

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